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FoM of UL was established on September 28, 1919, to prepare doctors, but was abolished in soviet period. FoM was re-established on September 29, 1997, and ceremonial opening took place on September 4, 1998. During the academic year 2008/2009 FoM UL had 851 students including students from abroad. There is a stable growth in the number of faculty students every year and at present MoF UL enrolls approximately 200 new students every year.
Faculty employs in general 122 members of academic staff, 3 of which are full members of Latvian Academy of Sciences, 7 correspondents, 13 professors, 18 associated professors, 21 assistant professors, 6 guest professors, 5 individual assistant professors etc.
MoF UL offers the following accredited study programs: Higher professional study program in Physics, Health Sciences Bachelor and Master programs in Nursing, programs for Pharmacy Bachelors and Masters and several programs for Postgraduate studies. All programs are modern as created upon the recent scientific achievements and the experience of Scandinavian countries. The process of studies is democratic and open and is based upon the principle – student is the centre of studies. Besides the compulsory study courses, MoF UL offers the widest opportunities for “C” part courses, which do not directly relate to speciality chosen, but will be useful in further professional activities, for example, foreign languages, psychology, economics and subjects relating to law.
The integral and essential part of studies is exercises and practice, starting on the 3rd year of studies. Practices for students of MoF UL are in the leading clinics and medical institutions of Riga. There is also a wide collaboration in the field of scientific work with several scientific institutions of Latvia, which gives an opportunity to strengthen the academic knowledge and motivates to focus upon the favoring the development of science and take part in the scientific research projects.



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