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Q. When i sit the exam do i have to leave money with the university to secure my place?

A. Yes, you would have to pay a reservation fee of 1000 euros and this would secure your place at the university.

Q. How long will the process of application take?

A. It is not a long process and it is all dealt with professionally.

Q. Is the degree valid in the U.K. ?

A. Yes, all the universities we represent are acreditied by the BMA and upon passing you can immediately start work in

Q. If I do not pass the entrance exam may I repeat it?

A. Yes, it is possible for us to arrange another siting for our clients.

Q: Where is the entrance examination?

A: All entrance examinations are in Slovakia at the university. This also allows students to view the city and culture.

Q: Are the medical courses taught in English?

A: Yes, all medicine and dental courses are taught in English.

Q: How hard is it to find work in the U.K. after graduating?

A: We have seen many students who have graduated from Slovakia obtain good jobs in the U.K. without any problems. The degree is accredited by all European Governing Bodies especially the General Medical Council.


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